Bells Project

In 1997 we were aware that things were not well with our bell frame and this was confirmed by professional inspections early in 1998.  At this time, the church had other projects that needed funding so it was not until 2013 that the PCC gave the Bell Ringers permission to go ahead with the ‘Bell Project’.

Grappenhall Bells have sounded out across the parish for over 300 years and the Bell Ringers have devised a project that will ensure this happens for many more years to come. The ringing environment will be updated to assist the training and retention of recruits and a sound control system will be installed to allow more use of our assets without disturbing our neighbours.

The project will replace the worn out Bell Frame and install a modern ring of 10 Bells on this, pleasantly tuned to the modern ‘5 tone principle’.  To make more much needed space in the Ringing Chamber, the church clock mechanism will be relocated from the Ringing Chamber to the Belfry and the louvres will be blocked up internally to form a sound control system and to weather proof the Belfry and exclude draughts.  To assist with training, a CCTV System will be installed together with a simulator or dumb bell installation.

We have obtained quotations for the work involved and are looking at a figure in excess of £175,000.00.  The exact figure will be determined by what we are allowed to do by the Diocesan Advisory Committee and other bodies such as English Heritage, and by which contractors we choose to do the work. One thing is certain, we will need substantial funding to complete the work and we have already started to progress Grant Applications were possible. 

Once the Project is launched, there will be opportunities to ‘Buy a Bell’ and to have an inscription cast on the bell to record the reason for your donation, or to purchase other items, both large and small, of the installation fittings.  We will need some able bodied people to assist with the removal and installation of the bells and frame, thus reducing the overall Project cost. 

If you are able to assist in any way, financially or physically, please contact the Tower Master, Mike Thomson, on 07710 763603 or by e-mail at

We also have a fund raising page which can be visited by clicking on the below link