Safe Access for All

Even during the baking summer of 2018 the puddles along the Church Track never completely dried out.  The track is potholed, despite the efforts of the Scouts who have tried over many years to level out the bumps.  There is no separate, safe pedestrian access, so Cub Scouts (and their parents) can be forced to clamber up the grassy, slippery slope to get out of the way of cars.  Churchgoers, particularly those in wheelchairs or with baby buggies, need safe, off road parking and a step free, smooth pathway to get into Church.

What do we want to do? 

We want to install proper drainage to get rid of the bumpy puddles and stop flooding the gardens of neighbours who live next to the Track.  

We want a properly constructed surface on the Church Track so Scouts, Parents,Scout leaders and other users of the Scout HQ can get through to their building and campsite more easily, to transport people, canoes, tents and other equipment without bumps. 

The project will provide better car parking particularly for people using wheelchairs and pushing baby buggies.   It will include building a gentle ramp to a step free pathway to the new annex.

Cycle parking will be provided, with a loop onto which bikes can be securely locked.

The pathway to St Wilfrid's and out onto Church Lane will be illuminated on dark winter evenings when meetings are being held. 

Why Now?

We want to construct this as soon as possible so it will be ready in 2020 for St Wilfrid's celebration of 900 years of service to the Grappenhall community.  This can be your way of ensuring that St Wilfrid's  meets the needs of current and future generations, your way  of making your contribution to the evolving heritage of Grappenhall.

You will soon be able to donate from this site using your bank debit card or credit card. 

If you prefer to use a cheque please make it out to St Wilfrid’s Church, Grappenhall and send it to “Safe Access for All” Appeal, St Wilfrid’s Church, Grappenhall, WA4 3EP .  UK Taxpayers, you can add an extra 25% to the value of your donation by completing a Gift Aid declaration.