Bible Study

The Beatitudes

From Monday 6th July we will be meeting on Zoom to look together at Jesus’ eight blessings proclaimed in his Sermon on the Mount in the Gospel of Matthew.

Through their proverb-like nature, the Beatitudes present a new set of ideals that focus on love and humility rather than force and exaction. They echo the highest ideals of Jesus' teachings on spirituality and compassion.

We want to see what the Beatitudes have to say to us about the nature of spiritual character and, bringing our own experiences to the discussion, discover together what God wants to teach us through them.

We'll use John Stott's book as a companion to the sessions. All are welcome and no prior knowledge is needed.

Meetings start at 7:30pm (please arrive 10 minutes early so that we start on time)


The Bible is a guide for our lives and helps us to discover God's will for us. In the Psalms it says that God's word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path (Psalm 119:105). We believe that the Bible is lively and life-giving and that we can learn more about God and about ourselves through it. Our own experiences are essential too - we bring our lives to God and through his word more is revealed.

We encourage all the members of our congregation to read the Bible regularly. In services we print the Bible readings for the service and encourage you to take the sheet away so that you can read the passages again at your leisure, pin them to the fridge and think about them during the week.



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