Christening, Adult Baptism and Confirmation




The birth of a new baby is a cause for celebration. A Christening is a very special service when your baby is welcomed into the family of the church and we give thanks to God for his new creation. During the service holy water is used to baptise your child.

Christenings are usually held at 12pm twice a month, although this can vary, so it's always best to ring to discuss dates. We try to limit every service to three families but please be aware that there is a high demand for this service, so do get in touch well before the date you would like.

Rest assured that our services are warm, friendly and personal for all the families that attend and children are always welcome in  our church.







"We would like to thank Jane and Jan and the baptism team at St Wilfrid's for all their help and support with our son Lewis's Baptism. Getting Lewis Baptised was not only important to us as a family but we feel sets him on the right path in life. From the Pre-School Praise group to the children's Sunday services, St Wilfrid's has always welcomed to all of our family and helps our children from a young age engage with the message of God which we feel is so important.

Our Christening service conducted by Jane was both friendly and informative for both ourselves and our family and friends many of whom approached us after to say what a welcoming and refreshingly friendly service it was.

From the preparation session to the actual day Jane and Jan were really helpful and even incorporated our prayers for friends and family members who were unable to attend due to illness."     The Kirk Family

  • You will be sent a form to fill in and once it's returned you will be contacted by email to confirm the date of the Christening service.
  • You will also be invited to attend a Christening Preparation Evening at church a couple of months before the service where you will meet Rev'd Jane and members of St Wilfrid's Christening Team.
  • A Christening Visitor will be assigned to you who will arrange to visit you at home just before the Christening to go through the service with you and answer any questions you may have.
  • Following the service that same visitor will call round with a copy of the Church Magazine containing the announcement of your child's Christening.

To set the ball rolling please contact Gill White (Church Administrator) by telephone on 01925 269861 or email  

There is no charge for Christening but you are encouraged to make a donation to the church in celebration and thanksgiving.

To listen to an audio recording of a Christening click here

Frequently Asked Questions about Christening click here

You can find out more about Christening in the Church of England here

Adult Baptism and Confirmation

If you were not Christened as a child, and are a committed Christian, you may want to consider adult baptism. A conversation with Rev'd Jane is the first step. Adult baptism is a profession of faith. Where parents and godparents make promises for a baby who cannot speak for themselves, as an adult you would be making those promises for yourself.

A Confirmation celebration

Confirmation 2016

It is always a great joy for the church when adults come to baptism. Your baptism would happen as part of your confirmation service. For more information about confirmation click here.

Confirmation is the moment at which we 'confirm' the vows, beliefs and promises made for us by our parents at Baptism. It is a sign of our maturing faith and our conviction that Jesus the Way,  the Truth and the Life. It does not mean that we have all the answers or that our faith will be complete but it is an important step along our journey of faith and moving and profound experience. 

We have a confirmation service every year in July before the end of the school term. One of the Diocesan Bishops attends and confirms those who have been prepared.

Children in Year 6 at St Wilfrid's School are all offered confirmation and prepared for the service during school hours. If you have a child who would like to be confirmed but who is not at the school please contact Rev'd Jane to discuss the arrangements for them.

If you are an adult considering confirmation preparation takes place through the Pilgrim Course and conversation with Rev'd Jane and other members of the Ministry Team. Please do get in touch to discuss your confirmation.